The Original Brick Slip Cladding System

Welcome to Eurobrick

As the first company to introduce brick slip cladding systems to the UK in the early 1990s, Eurobrick are the original and best for brick slip and stone faced cladding systems. We provide a fast, flexible and cost effective way to get the real look, feel and durability of brick and stone walling.

We have developed our cladding systems in response to the design and engineering needs of the construction industry. So if you need a lightweight system to use on high-rise buildings or a small extension, with or without insulation - Eurobrick has a solution.

X-Clad and V-Clad are our EWI (external wall insulation) brickslip systems, which reduce heat loss through walls, cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions. P-Clad is a non-insulated system designed as an external sheathing for buildings. I-Clad is specifically designed for internal decorative use where floor space is at a premium.

We stock a wide range of brick slips which can be purchased separately or as part of our cladding systems. We also have a range of stone slips which are manufactured to order and can supply other brick slips, extruded or cut, from a variety of UK and European sources. In addition to this, we have a selection of accessories to help with your installation.

Our cladding systems are flexible and simple to install and we have a network of experienced approved installers who can help with your projects. Alternatively contractors, builders and individuals may attend one of our training courses to learn the correct installation methodology.

If you would like further information on any of our products then please call +44 (0)117 971 7117 or email info@eurobrick.co.uk.


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