Britannia Natural Clay Brick Slips

The Britannia Range consists of an extensive collection of kiln fired natural clay brick slips in a choice of colours and textures, manufactured in standard UK sizes. Corner brick slips are available.

Extrusion manufacturing provides excellent quality and ensures best value. Drying and firing of extrusion clay slips uses considerably less energy than production of traditional bricks.

Britannia brick slips are available to buy separately or with our systems.

Size - Slips nominally: 215 x 65 x 14-15mm  Corners nominally: 215 x 65 x 100 x 14-15mm

Rustic Cream 692 Brick Slips

Rustic Cream 692

Flame Wirecut 7471 Brick Slips

Flame Wirecut 7471

Golden Smooth 200 Brick Slips

Golden Smooth 200

Rustic Red Charcoal Multi 685 Brick Slips

Rustic Red Charcoal Multi 685

Rustic Cottage Multi 690 Brick Slips

Rustic Cottage Multi 690

EBS Textured Brown 7425 HS Brick Slips

EBS Textured Brown 7425 HS

London Multi Buff F297 Brick Slips

London Multi Buff F297

Red Multi 335 Brick Slips

Red Multi 335

Rustic Red Multi 689 Brick slips

Rustic Red Multi 689

Rustic Golden Multi 684 Brick Slips

Rustic Golden Multi 684

Rustic Orange Multi 687 Brick Slips

Rustic Orange Multi 687

Colorado 7424 Brick Slips

Colorado 7424

Red Multi Dragwire 313 Brick Slips

Red Multi Dragwire 313

Rustic Buff Multi 688 Brick Slips

Rustic Buff Multi 688

Old Millhouse 7420 OM Brick Slips

Old Millhouse 7420 OM

Weathered Old Millhouse 7480 OM Brick Slips

Weathered Old Millhouse 7480 OM

EBS Sanded Buff 7404 WS Brick Slips

EBS Sanded Buff 7404 WS

Montana Red 7450

Montana Red 7450

Rustic Inferno Multi 686 Brick Slips

Rustic Inferno Multi 686

Rustic Charcoal 697

Rustic Charcoal 697

Autumn Leaves 7429 HL Brick Slips

Autumn Leaves 7429 HL

Antique Red Multi 436 Brick Slips

Antique Red Multi 436

Gloucester Red 7420 S Brick Slips

Gloucester Red 7420 S

Red Dragwire 401 Brick Slips

Red Dragwire 401

Red Blue Flamed 7427 Brick Slips

Red Blue Flamed 7427

Smooth Red 400 Brick Slips

Smooth Red 400

Smooth Red Multi 303 Brick Slips

Smooth Red Multi 303

Buff Dragwire F201 Brick Slips

Buff Dragwire F201

Smooth Brown 500 Brick Slips

Premium Selection
Smooth Brown 500

Smooth Anthracite 700 Brick Slips

Premium Selection
Smooth Anthracite 700

Smooth Grey 800 Brick SlipsPremium Selection Smooth Grey 800
Smooth White R100 Brick Slips

Premium Selection
Smooth White R100


Other brick or stone finishes that are not featured in our standard ranges can be supplied on request, please contact us for more information. On screen and printed  product images are just a representation of colours and should only be used as a guide. Please also note that the materials used in the manufacture of bricks, stone and mortars are from natural sources which means variations in shade and dimension can occur. This should be taken into account at the design stage of the project and not viewed as a fault. Coloured mortars will change the appearance of brickwork. Prices of brick slips will vary depending on the blend chosen and volume required. Samples are available upon request.