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Are materials shortages delaying your project?

The national and trade press are currently reporting shortages of all kinds of products in many sectors, including construction. Pressure on material supplies worldwide is clearly affecting us here in the UK, resulting in delays to project timetables and inevitably, increasing prices. Demand is outstripping supply and customers appear to have no choice but to wait for products to become available.

However, when it comes to projects using brick slips, there may be alternatives on the market and we recommend that all options are considered. At Eurobrick, we face the same availability issues for whole facing bricks. However, we also stock a range of manufactured brick slips which can provide a solution where facing bricks are in short supply. Furthermore, if UK supplies of the specified brick are low and our standard selection of manufactured slips cannot provide a solution, we can talk to our European supplier partners to offer suggestions for alternative bricks.

As well as material shortages affecting projects, delivery times are also being impacted by the reported lack of HGV drivers nationwide. A number of transport suppliers have advised that next day deliveries cannot be guaranteed at present and booking vehicles with specialist off-load facilities requires 2-3 weeks’ notice.

So, factoring in materials shortages along with possible delivery issues, it is reasonable to expect disruption to works on site for many projects. To try and avoid such disruption with brick slip deliveries, please contact the Eurobrick team at the earliest opportunity to see if we can supply alternative products that would be suitable for your project. We encourage all our customers to place orders as early as possible to ensure that supply will fit with project deadlines. Call our technical team on 0117 971 7117 or email us on and we will be happy to discuss your project requirements and advise on lead times.