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BBA Certification for Eurobrick’s Systems

The team here at Eurobrick Systems, are celebrating after successfully receiving British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification for all of its brick cladding ystems. The independent third party certification gives customers the peace of mind that they are purchasing quality products that have been rigorously tested and scutinised.

The number of brick cladding systems on the market that have accreditation are few and far between and Eurobrick is in an unique position to have certification for all of its products.

BBA is the most readily recognised UKAS accredited certification body in the construction industry. Many specifiers/contractors know that certified products can save save time and money. Experience shows that the repercussions of installing an uncertified system can be costly if performance does not live up to expectations. Eurobrick provides brick slip cladding systems for internal and external applications for new build, modular and retrofit projects. The systems are versatile, easy to install, environmentally sustainable, low maintenance with a life span of at least 25 years.

Eurobrick was the first company to introduce a comprehensively designed insulated cladding solution (X-Clad) to the UK over 23 years ago and has since developed further systems to meet the differing demands of the market. To view Eurobrick’s BBA Assessment Certificate 13/5079 and associated Product Sheets, please visit Downloads or contact us for further information.

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