Bespoke products supplied to order

If you require a particular type of brick or stone slip not featured in our standard ranges or other bespoke components, we can help to source and supply these to order.

Extruded brick slip options and specially cut slips can be sourced from a number of specialised manufacturer partners that we work with in the UK and in Europe.

Some examples of the bespoke products we can supply are outlined below. Options could include non-standard sizes, glazed bricks and other bespoke products, such as engraved bricks, arches, soffits and sills. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or if you would like more information.



Godiva Place close up corner detail

Brick slips cut to order

Brick slips may be cut to order. If you require a specific brick type for your project for example to match your existing building to create a contiguous finish, we can source the bricks, have them cut and delivered to site.

Corner slip cut from whole brick

Specially cut header bricks

Some brick bonds such as Flemish and English bond use header bricks. To achieve the desired effect, header brick slips should be specially cut to retain the character of the brick particularly important when using a stock type brick.

Header brick slip cut from full brick

Natural stone slips

Natural stone is beautiful and there is a wide variety of colours and finishes available. We can help find the right product, have stone slips cut to order, to the required size or sizes and delivered to site.

McDonald's Restaurant Dunbar exterior brick cladding

Pre-formed arches

Arches add architectural detail to a building. We can supply to order pre-formed brick slip arches which are manufactured off site for fast installation on site. Options include flat gauge, segmental and semi-circular arches.

Pre-formed soffits

For projects requiring brick soffits for example above windows, we can supply pre-formed brick slip soffits made to order. The soffits are manufactured off site for delivery to and fast installation on site.

Engraved bricks

Engraved brick or stone slips add a unique, personal touch to your project. Produced to your design, engravings can include text and graphics and be onto a single brick or across multiple bricks for a more complex image.

Glazed bricks

Glazed brick slips are available in a wide range of colours for eye catching designs. We can help source the desired product and specially order glazed brick slips for your project.

Green glazed bricks


Engineering style brick slips robust enough to be laid as flooring, both internally and externally. Available in red, brown and blue, these slips can be supplied in conventional face size (215mm x 65mm) or quarry tile size (215mm x 102.5mm).

Special shaped bricks

Special shape bricks such as plinth bricks can be adapted to integrate with brick slip installation and create traditional plinth details. We can help source the required product and supply to order to install with our cladding systems.

Eurobrick brick slip plinth detail diagram