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Brick slip cladding for modular construction


A brick finish remains as popular as ever and brick slip cladding offers an alternative to traditional brickwork with a number of benefits, particularly alongside modular construction methods.

We were first to introduce a comprehensively designed brick slip cladding system to the UK, 27 years ago and have supplied a wide range of projects including residential and leisure developments, schools, colleges and universities throughout the country. Our systems are tried and tested, with certification from the British Board of Agrément (BBA). We also provide our own 25 year guarantee .

We have seen first hand how brick slip cladding has grown in popularity over the years and is now a sought after finish for large scale projects.

Our systems are suitable for both on- and off-site installation and are robust enough to withstand the stresses of being lifted, transported to site on the back of a lorry and craned into position. A modular building that can be delivered to site and that does not require substantial finishing works to the exterior is a major benefit as speed of delivery is a critical factor for most projects. Off-site installation of our systems reduces on-site operations which can be costly and subject to other scheduled site activities or delays and at the mercy of the weather.

Once brick slip cladding is applied to prefabricated and factory built buildings they can be transported to site. Our systems are lightweight and easy to install. In a controlled factory environment, an installer should be able to install at least 1m² per hour but an experienced installer may do a lot more. Brick cladding only requires semi-skilled labour to install too, so with the skills shortage in the construction industry, reducing dependency on traditional skilled labour is advantageous. A well-designed system offers a level of product consistency that is essential to the off-site construction industry and vital for mass produced buildings.

Our P-Clad system was installed on a residential project in Liverpool. Belle Vale is a new £3.5m development of 33 eco homes constructed for Liverpool Mutual Homes. The contractor adopted modern methods of construction techniques to build modular houses for the project which were constructed off-site in a factory before being transported to site in sections.

Our P-Clad system was also installed off-site, which offers benefits in terms of quality control and speed of project delivery. The development has a contemporary mixed finish and Eurobrick supplied circa 1600m² of P-Clad along with Autumn Leaves brick slips and Smooth Red slips for the plinth detail, both are brick colours from our Britannia Range. The ground floor of the houses were finished entirely with P-Clad with a brick slip panel detail to the first floors. The brickwork was pointed using Eurobrick’s standard grey pointing mortar.

Aesthetics is a key consideration for most projects. A brick finish remains popular and may be required to fit in with existing buildings. Our wide range of brick slips allow you to match the finish of existing structures and as our systems are flexible they can be used in conjunction with other cladding systems (such as timber, render etc) so a mixed palette of finishes, popular for creating a contemporary look, is achievable. Furthermore, kiln fired clay brick slips weather and age in the same way as conventional brickwork, requiring little to no maintenance.

There are many advantages to brick slip cladding, but most notably for the modular building sector, it is the speed of delivery, product consistency and the ability to achieve a real brick finish without compromising the modular building design or programme .