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Brick slips are on the up

The rising popularity of brick slips is evident from the growing number of companies now selling them. Once considered a niche product, the speed and flexibility brick slips offer has made them a popular choice across the building industry as a whole and has resulted in a rapidly expanding market.

In recent years, we have noticed an increase in enquiries for larger projects from construction companies who are now opting to use brick slips and systems. The housing crisis, skills shortages, materials shortages and the weak pound have resulted in a move towards modern methods and off-site construction. Companies are actively looking for ways to do things quicker, meet challenging deadlines and save on costs, without compromising on build quality.

During recent years, brick shortages forced the building industry to look for alternatives. We were able to maintain our supply chain through this period, as historically, brick slip manufacturers formed a small, specialised market and were generally less prone to the pressures being experienced by the industry at that time. However since then, those companies have realised the many advantages that come with brick slips and cladding, they have returned time and time again, even when brick shortages were becoming less of an issue. From 2015-2017, Eurobrick achieved over 60% growth in sales.

Whether it’s a new build, refurbishment or interiors project, our systems provide a flexible solution that can be applied to different substrates and installed on- or off-site. Application in a factory environment has the appeal of allowing for greater quality control and increasing the speed of installation, and means the weather is no longer an influencing factor. Our systems can also be applied using semi-skilled labour, which helps with any issues related to skills shortages too.

People may not always think of brick when they think of modular building or modern methods of construction, and yet brick is still a highly sought after and popular finish within the UK building industry. While modern methods may not necessarily work so well alongside traditional brick building, brick slip cladding provides an alternative that is fast, flexible and easy to transport and we believe the sector will continue to expand in the coming years.

Retrofit or refurbishment projects can also benefit from our wide range of brick slip colours and finishes. Whether you want to blend in with an existing building or have to meet a planning requirement, brick matching or sourcing can help. Older buildings may need insulation and this can be added by retrofitting our X-Clad or V-Clad systems which will dramatically improve the thermal performance of a building.

Leisure and retail markets have long recognised the benefits of our I-Clad system for interiors too. Whether applied directly to the substrate or as part of a system, the slimline profile minimises loss of valuable floor space and provides a finish that is indistinguishable from traditional brickwork.

Just to be clear, our brick slips are still real bricks. Some of our slips are manufactured as slips (extruded slips) using natural clay and fired in the same way as traditional bricks, and some are cut from whole bricks. They provide a real brick finish with the same low maintenance and durability benefits.

The rise in popularity of brick slips, which seems to be happening across Europe, means that some styles are now seeing increased waiting times, sometimes up to 28 weeks, so forward planning is essential, especially on faster turnaround projects. Please contact us if you would like to find out availability of particular styles.

Eurobrick was first to introduce a comprehensively designed brick cladding system to the UK and we include a 25 year guarantee with all of our systems. We recently revisited a number of our first projects, completed nearly 30 years ago, that have proved our systems can stand the test of time.