In addition to our brick slips for walls using our systems, we can also offer a small selection which are suitable for use as floor coverings/paving for internal or external use.

These ‘engineering’ style brick slips are available in blue, brown and red.

Brick slips for floors

Brick Slips For Floors

The slips can be supplied at conventional face size (215 x 65mm) or quarry tile size (215 x 102.5mm).

If you would like more information on brick slips for paving floors, please call us on 0117 971 7117 or email

Brick Slip Flooring

Eurobrick, a leading supplier of brick slips in the UK, is dedicated to providing you with high-quality products and services that will enhance your property. Brick slips for floors can be used on any type of property; commercial or residential.