Private Residence Gosforth

Private residence Gosforth

  • Location: Gosforth, UK
  • Requirements: External insulation and interior brick finish
  • Solution: X-Clad & I-Clad

Creating a brick finish on the inside and the outside of this new home showed off the versatility of our systems to great effect, with both X-Clad and I-Clad playing to their strengths.

The owners of this contemporary, new build home in Gosforth wanted to create an eye catching design to the exterior of their house, while adding insulation, and also wanted to achieve a seamless brick finish inside. For the exterior, we supplied around 50m² of the 50mm thick X-Clad system together with a further 25m² of 100mm thick X-Clad. Our cladding was installed to the eye catching spine wall and to some plinth details around the building.

Internally, we supplied around 75m² of the I-Clad system. The plasterboard based backer panel has the ribbed skin profile bonded to it, which aligns and supports the brick slips during installation and helps to speed up the process. I-Clad is 12.5mm thick (without the slips) and its slim profile means a minimal loss of floor space, an important consideration when installing inside a building. However, as this was a new build, internal finishes could be accounted for at the design stage.

Gosforth house interior brick wall

The cladding, both inside and out, was finished with the same Old Farmhouse brick slips, creating a consistent look throughout. The brick slips and corners were specially ordered and cut for this project and the brickwork was pointed using our Europoint Standard Grey pointing mortar.

The result is a distinctive design to the exterior which has been enhanced by the use of a mixed palette of finishes and a stylish interior that has real warmth and character.