Starbucks drive-through restaurants

  • Client: Starbucks drive-through restaurants
  • Location: Various
  • Contractor: Various including Trojan Construction Management
  • Requirements: Flexible exterior and interior brick cladding to work with mixed palette of finishes
  • Solution: X-Clad

Starbucks has been following an expansion programme across the UK and in 2019 we started supplying our cladding materials for the drive-through format stores.

We supplied our cladding systems to a number of contractors including Trojan Construction Management, for work on two new drive-through stores, one at Hadley in Telford and another at Weston-super-Mare. Our X-Clad system was used to create decorative feature walling both inside and outside of the new stores, as part of a wider mixed palette of finishes.

At the Weston-super-Mare store we supplied 77m² of our 17mm thick X-Clad system, along with Smooth White brick slips and corners from our Britannia Premium Selection and white coloured Europoint pointing mortar was used to finish.

At Hadley in Telford we supplied 43m² of 17mm thick X-Clad along with specially sourced Vandersanden Livrono and Vandersanden Zwart Mangaan slips and corners. These were finished with our standard grey Europoint pointing mortar.

Images of Starbucks Telford provided courtesy of Trojan Construction Management.