Eurobrick Stone House Dorset, front view

Stone House Dorset

  • Location: Sherborne, Dorset
  • Requirements: Stone finish to fit in with surrounding area
  • Solution: X-Clad with stone slips

The owners of this house in Dorset wanted a stone finish to fit in with the local area and used our X-Clad system to help them achieve it.

Their 4 bedroom new build detached house needed to fit in with the golden stone used on a large number of houses in the local area and have a warm, characterful finish. It was built using insulated timber frame construction with aquaboard panels sheathing. As the structure was already well insulated, 17mm X-Clad panel was attached to the aquaboard. The X-Clad system along with the stone slips is much thinner than traditional stonework and it has maximised the internal space of the property.

Eurobrick supplied circa 130m² of X-Clad which was faced with Bradstone Rough Dressed Buff slips and corner pieces and pointed with our Light Sandstone Europoint mortar.

The final result was well received by the owners’ neighbours who appreciated their efforts to make the house fit in with the surrounding area.

The stone used in this project is a reconstructed product which is manufactured to order and is suitable for use with our systems. Our stone finishes are available in a range of different sizes,textures and colours. You can see more in our Stone Range.

Eurobrick Stone House Dorset, side view of stone cladding
Eurobrick Stone House Dorset, rear view patio doors