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Choose your mortar colour with care

7th June 2023

Our clients often ask us which mortar colour they should use, which is a very good question and something that can get overlooked. Of course, choosing colours is a subjective decision, but the importance of mortar colour is something that is not always fully appreciated as the chosen colour does have a big impact on the overall finish of a wall. It can be used to contrast or complement the colour of the brickwork and many customers are surprised by how much difference the colour of the mortar combined with the brick can make. To help illustrate this point we have taken one of our Britannia Range bricks – Autumn Leaves, and a Classic Range brick – Whitby Red, and have made up sample panels using our eight different Europoint colours, to show just what a difference they can make to the overall finish.

Whitby Red


Autumn Leaves


Once you are confident in your choice of mortar colour, the next step is to ensure it is mixed and applied with care. Europoint was formulated by Eurobrick to use as part of our brick slip cladding systems. It is a ‘just add water’ dry-pack brick slip pointing mortar designed for either gun or grout bag injection. Available in the eight standard colours shown above, Europoint provides a reliable finish for our brick slip cladding systems.

It is important to note that the colours shown on our website, in our literature and on the sample tablets are indicative only. Colour variations may occur due to the porosity of the brick, finishing techniques, mixing procedures and prevailing ambient temperature, humidity and wind conditions at the time of application.

Clients sometimes experience colour variations on an area of wall during application and call us for advice. These differences may occur if, for example, the brickwork was pointed on different days, where weather conditions may have changed. Our recommendation to help reduce the risk of this occurring is to ensure that you only start to point an area that can be completed in one day and the pointed brickwork should be protected from the elements until it has cured.

We have produced some literature, ‘Instructions and tips for using Europoint pointing mortar‘ which provides useful instruction and advice. You can also watch our video on how to mix and apply our mortar here. Our technical team are also here to help if you have any further questions, please call 0117 971 7117.