X-Clad System

X-Clad is a brick faced external wall insulation (EWI) system suitable for modular, new build and retrofit projects.

System Benefits


  • A fast track, lightweight system that is easy to install, both on and off site.
  • Can accommodate any metric sized brick slip.
  • Installation can be off the critical path of construction schedule.
  • Real brick finish is low maintenance and weathers like traditional brickwork.


  • High quality insulation that will reduce heat loss, cutting heating bills and carbon emissions.
  • Retrofit installation transforms the appearance of older properties.
  • Helps eliminate interior damp and condensation, improving living conditions.


  • X-Clad was the first brick slip system introduced to the UK in 1990.
  • Extensively tried and tested.

System Information


X-Clad can be fixed to masonry, concrete, timber or light gauge steel framed walls, SIPS and ICF, with or without a drainable cavity. Please refer to the Installation Instructions and the fixings layout diagram in the Technical Drawings, both linked below.