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Classic range – NEW colours

Over the past few months, we have been searching for the right new brick colours to add to our Classic range, that could provide something a little different.

Our Classic range offers styles from smooth engineering to heavily distressed reclaim-style stock bricks. In recent years grey hues and darker tones have grown in popularity and now browns are making a comeback, alongside the enduring popularity of natural red brick colours.

With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce the following new additions…

Middleton Blend

With a lightly creased, sanded texture, this versatile cut brick slip is a unique blend of multi-tonal natural reds, yellows and browns and is a great choice for adding warmth and softness on interior or exterior projects. Cut to nominal 22mm thickness with corner brick pieces available.


Dundry Brown Multi

A cut brick slip with a sanded, creased texture and a warm, earthy colour palette blending rich dark browns with lighter tones of soft white and grey. Cut to nominal 22mm thickness with corner bricks available.




A deeply creased and textured brick slip with a sanded finish, colours blend shades of dark earthy brown, soft charcoal black with subtle flashes of blue. A softer alternative to solid black brick slips and a great choice for contemporary designs requiring a darker finish. Cut to nominal 22mm thickness. Please enquire about lead times for project orders.


Mangaan Schwarz

A stylish new addition, this brick slip has a sanded, deeply creased texture and blends dark browns and soft blacks with some slight hints of grey and buff. The ideal choice for contemporary exterior and interior projects requiring a dark finish. Cut to nominal 22mm thickness. Please enquire about lead times for project orders.


We hope you like these new additions, please let us know what you think and what other colours and styles you would like to see across our ranges.

You can view the full Classic range here on our website. Please contact us on 0117 971 7117 or email if you would like any further information.