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DIY brick slip cladding project transforms home

The transformation of this detached house in Rayleigh was carried out by its owner as a DIY refurbishment project. The objective was to modernise the aging exterior and this has certainly been achieved, the house is unrecognisable from what was there before.


The home owner ruled out a render finish as it can deteriorate over time. The chosen mixed finish of Eurobrick X-Clad system on the ground floor and timber effect panels on the first floor are both low maintenance and when combined produce the contemporary look the owner was seeking.

We supplied around 70m² of 17 mm thick X-Clad system together with Old Mill House brick slips from the Britannia Range. The 17mm panel was used to fit with the existing soffit and roof detail. It is possible to use insulation backer panel up to 100mm thick, but where there is not enough depth in the eaves to accommodate the thicker panels, the roofline has to be extended to create the necessary depth. In this case, the owner did not wish to do this so chose the thinnest panel to fit.

The owner completed all the work on his house himself and found X-Clad easy to install. For him, the trickiest part was the pointing. The system is designed to provide a standard 10mm joint and for someone installing it for the first time, pointing can take a little time to master.

The owner is very happy with the end result and has received a lot of positive feedback from neighbours. He has even been asked if he will quote for doing some of their houses too. Looks like this could be the start of something in Rayleigh.