Energy Saving Brick Slips

ENERGY SAVING BRICK SLIPS - Energy Saving Cladding

Saving Energy

X-Clad and V-Clad are our external wall insulation (EWI) systems and are suitable for both new build and retrofit projects. The backer panels used for X-Clad and V-Clad are excellent insulators and will save energy and reduce heating bills. Both systems are excellent Energy Saving Cladding systems.

The extruded polystyrene (polyfoam eco) panel used in X-Clad and the expanded polystyrene (EPS) panel used in V-Clad both have a BRE Green Guide Rating of A. X-Clad and V-Clad can be supplied in a range of thicknesses up to 100mm to help meet the U-Value targets of a project.

The U-Value is a measure of how well a component of a building retains heats. The lower the U-Value, the more effective the insulant.


Typical U-Values achieved when installing X-Clad

Construction typeThickness of panel
  50mm      75mm100mm
Solid Wall 0.48W/m2K 0.37W/m2K0.3W/m2K
Unfilled Cavity 0.49W/m2K0.38W/m2K0.31W/m2K
Filled Cavity 0.26W/m2K0.23W/m2K 0.2W/m2K
Timber Frame 0.27W/m2K 0.22W/m2K0.19W/m2K

Typical U-Values achieved when installing V-Clad

Construction typeThickness of panel
  20mm 50mm75mm100mm
Solid Wall 1.00 W/m2K 0.56 W/m2K0.41 W/m2K0.33 W/m2K
Unfilled Cavity 0.91W/m2K0.53W/m2K0.40W/m2K0.32W/m2K
Filled Cavity 0.39W/m2K 0.30W/m2K0.26W/m2K0.22W/m2K
Timber Frame0.39W/m2K0.30W/m2K0.26W/m2K0.22W/m2K
Thermal conductivity of the EPS100 insulation is 0.035W/mK.
Project specific U-Value calculations can be provided upon request.
*Please note the above are provided for guidance only.

Environmental Impact

X-Clad polyfoam is free from CFCs, HCFCs and is free of any other material with ozone depletion potential. The polyfoam panel itself is 100% recyclable.

V-Clad EPS is CFC, HFC and HCFC free and is free of any other material with ozone depletion or global warming potential. The panel itself is 100% recyclable.

A Greener Alternative

Traditional bricks have low insulation properties and are much more costly to the environment, in terms of the amount of energy and raw materials used during production and the associated carbon emissions.

Energy Saving Cladding Systems

Eurobrick’s extruded brick slips use only 30-40% of the energy used to produce traditional bricks which means they are much better for the environment. Brick slips used with our cladding systems are also considerably lighter than conventional bricks permitting savings in transportation, foundations and other structural elements whilst improving sustainability.