We offer a bespoke engraved brick and stone slip service, in partnership with a local specialist. Most brick and stone types are suitable to be engraved to help you achieve your desired look. And whether you want text or graphics, we can accommodate your ideas.

Your designs can be engraved onto a single brick or across multiple bricks in a range of colours, which will allow the design to stand out and are a great way to bring something unique and add a personal touch to any project.

Engraved Brick

You could add your name, property number, or company branding and logo and engraved bricks are also excellent for creating murals or specially dedicated displays, such as showcasing a charity, a memorial or club members.

Eurobrick helps you to design and manufacture the perfect engraved bricks for charity, personal or business use. From a variety of colours and sizes to commemorate an individual in your building, Eurobrick creates the most flawless bricks that will fit seamlessly into any project no matter what size it may be.

To discuss your design ideas, please contact the Eurobrick team on 01179717117 or email us at info@eurobrick.co.uk.