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Focus on Classic

22nd June 2022

Our Classic range is a collection of mostly cut brick slips, which has always proved popular, particularly for interiors projects.

With colours from deep, brick red through to soft, natural buffs the Classic range offers the characterful finish that many designers require. These slips have featured in countless high street shops, pubs and restaurants throughout the UK.

Some of the most popular brick slips in this range are Whitby Red, Topaz and St Ives Cream Rustica.








Whitby Red is an attractive, tumbled brick which adds warmth and character. It was used along with our I-Clad system in a number of Notcutts garden centres, you can see details of one in Ditchling, West Sussex here.

Topaz provides a warm, textured, aged finish that was used at Primark’s flagship store on Oxford Street, along with our I-Clad system. They required a lightweight system that was quick and easy to install. See more here.

St Ives Cream Rustica provides a blend of cream and grey hues with a tumbled, distressed, tactile finish which helped to create characterful and stylish interiors at The Hoxton, Southwark. Our I-Clad system was also used for its slim profile. See more here.

With a variety of colours and styles, there is something to suit all projects. The size of our Classic range brick slip is 210-215mm in length by 65mm height with a thickness of 20-25mm. Corner slips are also available.

Our Europoint mortar is specially formulated to work with our systems and brick slips and is available in 8 colours. Your choice of mortar colour can significantly affect the finish of a project, if you would like more advice on this or any of our brick slips and systems then please contact us to discuss.

To view our Classic range, please click here.