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How to achieve a brick finish on a “flying” gable in timber frame projects

Installing traditional brickwork above an intersecting roof line to cover a “flying” gable can be problematic as supporting the weight can call for the addition of complex engineering detail.

Flying-Gable-Model-(1)To reduce the weight loading, brick slip cladding offers a lightweight solution which provides the desired real brick finish. Our X-Clad system has been specified in just such circumstances for 30 years.

Popular with both housebuilders and commercial building contractors, X-Clad has a system weight starting at 36 Kg/m² and a slim profile from 33mm thick. The extruded polystyrene backer panel is not only light, it is easy to handle and cut-to- shape using a craft knife.

This speeds up and simplifies on-site build time as mechanical cutting is not required and one person can easily handle a backer panel sheet which weighs as little as 3.5kg for the 17mm thick sheet. The backer panel is also a good insulator having a K-Value of 0.033W/mK and is available in 17, 25 and 50 mm thicknesses which can be overlaid to provide up to 100mm of insulation if required. If additional insulation is not needed, the thinnest 17mm thick panel is used as a carrier for the brick slips.

At Eurobrick, we have two brick slip ranges; Britannia and Classic, both offering a wide selection of kiln fired clay brick slips starting from 15mm thick, in a variety of colours and textures. With its real brick slips, X-Clad is indistinguishable from traditional masonry ensuring the aesthetic integrity of the development. Brick slips also age and weather in the same way as traditional brickwork, providing a durable, extremely low maintenance finish.

Alternatively, we can also arrange to collect whole bricks from site and have brick slips cut specially
to ensure continuity with adjoining traditional brickwork. We can also supply our own specially
formulated pointing mortar, Europoint, or the site mix can be used to point the brick slips if preferred.

X-Clad is a tried and tested product and has third party certification with the British Board of
Agrément (BBA).  We are widely recognised as the leading brick slip cladding specialist and our commitment to our products and customer service is reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 accreditation.

Gable ends do not need to be a problem area. Our X-Clad system is a simple solution to providing a
contiguous brick finish to a development.

You can find out more on our X-Clad page, email or call us on 0117 971 7117 to discuss your project details
or any technical queries.