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Installing our systems during the summer

For those of you planning to install our brick slip cladding over the summer, it is important to remember that weather conditions need to be considered. The main points to be aware of are:

  • Do not leave the panel exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. If the panel is being stored outside, it should be covered with tarpaulin or similar to protect it.
  • Once glued to the backer panel, do not leave brick slips unpointed for prolonged periods of time; aim to point the brickwork as soon as is practicable.
  • During the summer, the pointing mortar may go off faster than usual. To avoid mortar being wasted in the bucket, try mixing smaller batches.
  • On hot, breezy days mortar can cure too quickly which may result in cracking. To help slow the rate the mortar cures, spray at regular intervals with a water mister. Equally, as it is not unusual for heavy downpours to occur during the summer, all freshly pointed brickwork should be protected from the rain until it is cured. The brickwork should be covered with hessian sheeting, Visqueen or other weather protective sheeting.
  • Colour variations in mortar is a common occurrence in building projects, but particularly if areas of brickwork are being pointed on different days in varying weather conditions. While it is very difficult to avoid it completely, to help reduce the chance of colour variations in the mortar, if possible, avoid pointing parts of the same elevation on different days. If you are unable to complete the entire elevation in one day, avoid ending with a straight line but instead graduate the mortar over the courses so that the next day’s pointing blends more naturally. If there is a difference in colour, a hard, straight line between two areas of pointing is much more noticeable. See diagram below.

If you have any other questions about installing during the summer, please call us on 0117 971 7117 or email