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Lead times are lengthening

Please be advised that due to a high volume of orders, lead times for materials are increasing, particularly for the backer panel and some bricks. Brick manufacturers are reporting lead times of anywhere between 4-26 weeks, depending on the brick colour required, and unfortunately in some cases the wait could be longer.

Before agreeing work schedules, please contact us to discuss realistic delivery times for your chosen products. For larger orders, it may be necessary to phase deliveries to ensure continuity of supply for projects. We will always endeavour to supply materials to the desired timescales but despite our best efforts this may not always be possible. By placing orders well in advance, the likelihood of the required stock being available is greatly improved. Customer service is at the heart of our business and we always try to keep our customers informed about lead times for their orders.

To avoid delays to your project, please enquire at the earliest opportunity.