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Natural Clay Brick slips

Occasionally, we are asked whether our brick slips are real or not? Rest assured, at Eurobrick, we do not sell artificial bricks. All of our brick slips are kiln fired, natural clay products manufactured using the same processes as standard bricks. This means our brick slips weather and age in the same way as traditional brickwork. It is a real brick finish with the same low maintenance and durability benefits.

We stock 2 ranges of brick slips; the Britannia and the Classic, both offering a wide selection of colours and textures. We also stock corresponding corner slips for each colour.

The brick slips in our Britannia Range are an extruded product which means they are manufactured as brick slips. The slips are manufactured in standard UK sizes except they are typically 15mm thick. The Britannia Range slips are more competitively priced than a Classic Range brick slip for reasons explained below. Extruded brick slips are considerably thinner than a standard sized brick and as such require 60-70% less energy to fire. Transport costs will also be reduced as more brick slips can be stacked on a pallet compared to traditional bricks.

The majority of the Classic Range brick slips are cut from whole bricks (although there is also a small selection of extruded slips). Depending on the nature of the brick type, either 1 or 2 stretcher slips may be cut from one standard sized brick. This is why the cost of cut brick slips is higher than manufactured slips, as you have to buy whole bricks first and then pay to have them cut-to-size. The thickness of our Classic Range slips varies typically from 20-25mm thick. The cut bricks tend to be a softer material than the extruded slips and for that reason cannot be cut as thin; they would be too fragile and prone to breakages. Reclaim and stock style “traditional” looking bricks feature strongly in the Classic Range and offer character and warmth to a project. The extruded slips in both ranges have clean lines and create a uniform, modern appearance.

The market for brick slips has grown significantly in recent years. Last year we sold circa 2.3 million straight and corner brick slips. The most popular seller within the Britannia Range was Rustic Buff Multi 688 with EBS Newbridge Mix being the Classic Range best seller.

Bricks remain popular in British design and architecture. Brick slips have a slim profile and are light weight compared to standard bricks. Brick slips and brick slip cladding systems are increasingly being used as an alternative to traditionally constructed masonry and the wide choice of real kiln fired slips now available reflects this.