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Photography Guide

27th November 2019

We really appreciate all the project images that our installers and customers send to us, thanks to all of you who have sent some to use over the years. We love to see what you are up to and it is a great opportunity for all of us to get news of these projects out there, so we often share them on our website and social media or as part of wider PR stories.  Unfortunately, we cannot always use images you send us if they are not good enough quality, and this is a missed opportunity for you and for us. So, to try and help, we asked our creative team to put together a short guide with some hints and tips to help everyone get the most out their images.

Smartphones have improved so much these days that many people use them as their main camera, even professionals in some instances. But it is not just a case of point and shoot, if you want to capture the best images of your projects, so our team have suggested some smartphone specific ideas to help.

You can download a pdf of the photography guide here or on our downloads page and if you have any project images you would like to send us please forward them to