Learning Resources Centre

Having previously used X-Clad to great effect on another project at Hughes Hall in 2004, Bidwells Architects were then instructed to design the new Learning Resources Centre too. They decided that X-Clad would be the ideal solution to create the desired look and finish.

Cambridge is a beautiful city, full of ancient landmark properties so it was essential that the chosen bricks complemented the existing surrounding buildings. Westley Red Stock and Nori Best Red bricks were specially cut for the project. A light sandstone mortar was used for the pointing to provide a contrast with the red bricks.

One of our approved installers carried out the installation of 175m² X-Clad using the 17mm backer panel over the two storey building, with timber frame structure and a mono pitched roof. The brick slips were arranged in stack bond with contrasting soldier course, as well as a small section of half bond. The overall effect is a striking, modern building which fits in well with the traditional buildings surrounding it.


Learning Resources Centre, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge


Cambridge, UK


Bidwells Architects


Stack bonded brick finish, low maintenance, fast installation on timber frame