We hope the following documents help to answer your technical questions regarding Eurobrick's X-Clad system. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fixings layout drawings

Fixings Layout

Fixings Layout For Stone Slips

Fixed To Timber – No Cavity

Frame Construct Head Detail

Internal Corner Detail

External Corner Detail

Frame Construction DPC Oversite Detail

Frame Construction Flashing to Roof Detail

Frame Construction Expansion Joints

Jamb Return Detail No Cavity

Frame Construction Column Casing Detail

Fixed To Timber Frame No Cavity Isometric

Fixed To Timber Frame With Window No Cavity Isometric

Isometric Of Expansion Joint Fixed To Timber Frame

Fixed to Timber with Cavity

Jamb Return Detail with Cavity

Stepped Gable End Detail

Frame Construction Head Detail with Cavity

Frame Construction Flashing To Roof

Frame Construction Expansion Joints

Fixed To Timber Frame With Window With Cavity Isometric


Masonry Construction DPC-Oversite Detail

Masonry Construction Wall-Roof Flashing

Masonry Construction External Corner Detail

Masonry Construction Internal Corner Detail

Masonry Construction Expansion Joints Detail