Stone Slips Cladding

We offer a selection of Bradstone reconstructed stone slips available in various colours and styles in mixed sizes which can be used for a whole project or with brick slips to provide architectural detail. Corner slips are available.

Bradstone slips are manufactured to order. The desired coursing pattern and ratio mix of stone sizes should be discussed with us prior to ordering.

For more information please refer to our Stone Leaflet and our Stone Installation Guide in the resources section of our website.

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Rough Dressed Cotswold Stone Slips

Rough Dressed Buff

Rough Dressed Southwold Stone Slips

Rough Dressed Southwold

Square Dressed Pennine Stone Slips

Square Dressed Pennine

Rough Dressed Iron Ham Stone SlipsRough Dressed Iron Ham

Square Dressed Buff Stone Slips

Square Dressed Buff

Traditional-Cotswold-Buff Stone Slips

Traditional Buff

Traditional & Rough Dressed Stone Slips

HeightLength in MMCorner pieces return
215mm240327    100mm

Square Dressed Stone Slips

HeightLength in MMCorner pieces return

All dimensions are nominal and do not include an allowance for a joint, normally 10mm on height and length.

Thickness of stone is normally 20mm at edges but this increases to 30-35mm in the centre of pieces depending on relief.

Other Stone Options

Specific natural quarried stone types can be sourced as cut slips and other manufactured stone cladding options may be available. Please ask for details. Talk to one of our experts about the range of stone slips cladding panels options available.


Other stone finishes not featured in our standard range can be supplied. Please enquire to discuss requirements. It should be noted that as the materials used in the manufacture of stone products are from natural sources, variations in shade and dimension can occur. This should not be viewed as a fault in production and should be taken into account at the design stage of the project. Installers must carefully monitor all materials used and reject any sub-standard or unsuitable materials prior to installation. Eurobrick Systems Limited will not accept any liability for any costs arising from the rejection of materials once they have been installed. Samples are available upon request.


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