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Stoneleigh Park Lodge: Revisited

17th April 2018

We were recently visiting the Coventry area, so decided to drop in and take a look at an older project of ours that was completed over 10 years ago now. Stoneleigh Park Lodge is a guesthouse and part of Stoneleigh Park Exhibition and Conference Centre, near Coventry.

The 2-storey guesthouse is located within the grounds of the exhibition and conference centre and includes 58 bedrooms for people attending events there. The building was constructed using a modular design, with modules being manufactured off-site in a factory where our brick slip cladding system was also installed before the modules were transported to site and assembled. Because the system and brick slips were installed in the factory, once on-site the building required only minimal finishing to the exterior cladding where the modular sections were joined together.

Eurobrick’s 50mm X-Clad system was used on the Stoneleigh project and it was finished with a buff brick slip which was sourced separately by the contractor. The overall façade of the building was made up of brick slips to the ground floor with a mix of brick and timber shingles to the first floor.

Our recent visit showed that the exterior is still in excellent condition and performing as the design of our system intends it to. We offer a 25 year product guarantee on all of our systems which weather and wear as traditional brick would and require little to no maintenance.

The off-site construction and modular sectors have long recognised the benefits of brick cladding systems. Without doubt, speed of delivery is one of the most important benefits for off-site construction as it helps to avoid on-site issues, such as delays to work schedules and inclement weather, and reduces time required on-site. In a factory environment, an installer should be able to install at least 1m² per hour and the controlled conditions allow for a greater degree of quality control too.

Stoneleigh is a great example of how brick slip cladding can achieve a real brick finish without having to compromise on speed of delivery with modular construction projects, and the excellent condition of the building as it now stands only proves the strength of brick cladding’s future in the world of modern construction.