New build or refurbishment, external or internal, we have a tried and tested brick slip cladding system developed specifically to suit your project requirements, whether that is a larger development or a smaller interior fit out. 


Lightweight insulated external system suitable for new build and modular projects.
View our X-Clad page.

External system for use as a rainscreen for structures requiring a cavity behind the cladding.
View our P-Clad page.

Specially designed for interior use, the slimline profile minimises loss of floor space.
View our I-Clad page.

Lightweight flexible insulated system suitable for exterior retrofit or interior projects.
View our V-Clad page.

How it Works

The installation procedures for all of our systems broadly follow the same sequence below:

backer pannel

The backer panel is fixed to the substrate using appropriate fixings.

Brick Slip Mortar

Permanent bond adhesive is applied to the top of the course.

Brick slip cladding system

Brick slips are pushed into place leaving 8-12mm perpendicular gaps.

Brick slip installer

Specially formulated mortar is applied between the brick joints.

The mortar is tooled in the manner of traditional pointing.

Once mortar has set but not dried, brickwork is brushed to finish.

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