Brick Faced External Wall Cladding

brick faced external wall insulation

V-Clad is a brick faced external wall insulation (EWI) system suitable for new build and retrofit projects, and can be used internally as well as externally.


  • Ideal for renovation to existing masonry and concrete substrates.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and fast to fix, minimising disruption of existing foundations, services and building occupants.
  • Can be installed in new build projects saving time, costs and weight in structure and foundations.
  • Low maintenance and indistinguishable from traditional brickwork with a life span of over 25 years.
  • Transforms the property's appearance, improves internal comfort conditions and helps to eliminate damp and condensation problems.
  • Insulates walls, saving energy, reducing heating bills and carbon emissions, making V-Clad efficient on energy while acting as external wall cladding.

Technical Info

  • Website diagrams4The backer panel is formed by profile cutting expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) to produce a pattern of horizontal ribs projecting from the front face of the panel which align and support brick slips to form courses accurately and easily.
  • The insulated backer panel is expanded polystyrene with a BRE Green Guide Rating of A+. Panel size is 1221mm high x 1200mm wide x 20mm thick. Panels up to 100mm thick can be supplied for large orders. Please call to discuss.
  • The thermal conductivity of the panel, the K-Value is 0.035W/mK.
  • Project specific U-Value calculations can be provided if required.
  • V-Clad has an installed system weight from 32kg/m2.


V-Clad can be fixed to masonry, concrete, sheathed timber or light gauge steel framed walls, SIPS and ICF, with or without a drainable cavity.

If you would like more information, you can download the V-Clad Product Leaflet or the Installation Guide from our resources section, and view How the System Works.

Please visit our Estimates page for more details on how to place an order. Alternatively, give us a call on or email info@eurobrick.co.uk.